Compleat EnergyBooster is the lunchbox for the people that need a snack “on the go” or outside the home. Research showed that such users, women making up a majority, tend to have a small meal or snack between lunch and dinner. Many people eat breakfast while commuting to work. Both use-cases highlighted a need for a “lunchbox” fitting an “on-the-go” lifestyle. Yoghurt, nuts, müsli, crackers, and cut fruit are typical foods for this use.
Using the three different compartments of the Energybooster you can create and mix your own favorite energy kick. The top compartment is liquid proof, opening up to possibilities like bringing your own homemade yoghurt. The middle compartment is perfect for crackers, nuts etc. The bottom compartment can hold a favorite teabag, sweeteners etc. A pocket on the side of the product lets you bring your own spoon from home –building up under the “be good to yourself” attitude our research showed was central to these users. EnergyBooster has a slightly feminine look and design as female users are the primary target audience. The square shape sets it apart from typical liquid “on-the-go” –cups. It comes in three colours.

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