The clever design of the Dopper water bottle from Rinke van Remortel facilitates a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Dopper water bottle from Rinke van Remortel has the potential to become a real cult object. It marries youthful design with well-executed function, and is also produced in an environmentally friendly way and is based on a sustainable concept.

Drinking cup included

The Dopper can be filled simply and easily from the tap. The upper white part of the bottle can be screwed off and used as a drinking cup, while the lid serves as a stand for the cup. When it is closed, the Dopper is nevertheless completely sealed and can easily be transported in a bag or rucksack without any spillages. To make sure you can really always find fresh, free drinking water wherever you are, users can use the Dopper app to not only find public drinking water sources but also details of private individuals whose doorbell they can ring when they need to fill up on fresh water.

Design geared to the future

In addition to the practical benefit for you personally, the Dopper is also a responsible product for people and the environment. The innovative water bottle is produced entirely in the Netherlands, with a net zero carbon footprint and free of BP. Additionally, 10% of the net profit from every bottle sold goes to the Dopper Foundation, which among other things supports drinking water projects in Nepal. In this way, the Dopper water bottle is a ground-breaking innovation in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

A convincing ambassador for sustainability

The concept behind the innovative water bottle is clearly geared to the future, and it also won over the international jury of experts for the Red Dot Award to win a Red Dot in 2013. You can order the Dopper in the colours green, orange, red, white, blue and pink.

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