The new generation of Chinese white-collars are more concerned about their healthy diet, and carrying food cooked by themselves has become a habit. CC Lunch Box works as both a crisper and a lunchbox. With the unique design of the sealing ring, some of the air inside the box can be expelled when users press the outside lid, while the sealing plug on the outside lid may automatically close for sealing to make food preservation more durable. The rectangular box with unique proportion facilitates carrying a variety of food in the lateral arrangement. The box of special heat-resistant glass is applicable to low-temperature storage and microwave heating and resistant to falling and breakdown. The sealing ring is easy for removal, and the rounded corners of the box give no dead angle, easy for cleaning. The outside lid is designed to simulate the swelling of the inflated objects, similar to a donut. It conveys the feeling of high air-tightness and deliciousness.

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