Pencil, as the concept & inspiration of BOII ENPII thermos bottle, is a daily necessity in daily life. Hexagonal pencils are easier to use than the round ones. After a precise calculation, hexagonal finally applies in the designing of the thermos bottle, which fits for people’s hand-shape, also convenient to open or close while using. In the designer’s home dialect, “ENPII” stands for pencil. It is the first hexagonal-designing thermos bottle. A capsule-filter is designed in the cap, whenever you would like a cup of tea, just put the additive in the capsule-filter, and soaked for a few minutes will do. BOII ENPII is made for a more environmental-friendly atmosphere; with stylish pencil-designing & various colour, increase and educate the youth generation, make thermos bottle a fashion accessory in our life.

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