“ Enamel on stainless steel ” is our creative fabrication technology which has been developed and studied for many years. We actually apply this technology into people’s daily life product – vacuum bottle.

With the 0.18 mm layer thickness of enamel, it just like a thin glass being attached on inside of bottle, can be filled with tea, carbonated and alkaline beverages. Also, it will not create an odd metallic taste after long period use which enhances overall user experience, durable, safe, light, and easy-to-clean.

ALSTON is one of our enamel series bottles. The capacity is 240 ml which is easy to hold and perfect for storing in bag. The lid is made of food grade Tritan which is BPA free and approval from FDA and NSF. The temperature resistance starts from 109 °C to -40 °C. The lid also serves the function as a storage for tea leaves, nutrients, and pills. The shape of lid not only allows user to open it easily, but keeps it sanitary and gives a comfortable drink feel.

The double-layer construction with vacuum provides good heat insulation performance. With the high-quality powder coating on exterior, the product gives a nice hand feel as well as delicate appearance.

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