Alkemista is an all-in-one alcohol infusion vessel designed to help mixologists create and serve fresh, custom crafted spirits at home or in a bar. The product marries the timeless silhouette of the classic spirits bottle with the beautiful simplicity of fine Japanese tea infusion methods.

The Alkemista vessel is forged from lab-grade borosilicate glass. Inside, the ultra-fine stainless steel filter gently introduces the flavors and aromas of fruits, spices, herbs and botanicals into spirits—while preventing unwanted particles from entering the infusion. When the infusion is complete, the filter is easily removable—transforming the Alkemista into an elegant serving vessel. Every Alkemista ships with a recipe booklet and a set of removable labels that allow users to identify their creations.

The product name and packaging design was inspired by the symbolism of medieval alchemists who helped develop modern distillation techniques.

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