MIX’N BAKE ™, is available in 5 emotionally appealing colors, the piece shares a minimal aesthetic, but it has a unique story underlying the design. Though the product is made of everyday use silicone materials, the development stage entails testing with over 50 or more different thickness in different part of the body stretched over an embroidery frame to get the proper combination of tension, texture, and product manufacturability.

This design pertains to a 2 in 1 container includes collapsible mixing/ baking function which becomes 1/a baking container once folded down and 2/a mixing container when unfolded. The invented container has 3 position: 1)a flat position (fold) collapsing the middle section container plus hide away the bottom so that the leg lay perfectly flat and the top section is left with ample area used for baking purpose, 2)an upright (unfold) position with the flat bottom container used during mixing batter, 3)an intermediate position. Some fine details on the top portion has a pair of semi-rigid top rim handles extended out from both sides which are designed to allow users to fold down with ease successfully without fail to a perfect shape baking container.

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