AGnovum 950 is a new silver alloy, which gives space to all requirements for processing, design and beauty of jewellery and tableware. Special features they stand out: she has a special glow, a clear, white color, is anti-allergic and very classy. AGnovum 950 offers technological and environmental benefits over Sterlingsilver. Ecological advantage is the resistance to oxidation, thus you can continue working after welding and annealing immediately. Technological advantage is the good ductility at forging, casting and pressing. This reflects the very good elasticity and high tensile strength of AGnovum 950 in combination with a special gloss, hardness and high quality. AGnovum 950 is particularly well suited for industrial serial production of cups, pots and bowls but also for custom-made production. As an example for the applicability of AGnovum 950 a cup is presented.

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