Design description of “Ji Zui”
“Ji Zui” is a kind of liquor which use high-quality food as the main raw material. Liquor is pretty tasty, moderate drinking may actually regulate mood, but we can’t drinking immoderately.
The designers make expression of figures combine with the way of drinking measurement to give some drinking tips intuitively:
Toast to invite the moon ,”aesthetic”, 125ml is available.
Drinking with a bosom friend, a thousand cups are too few “heroic”, 250ml is available.
Company with youthfulness, “chic”, 375ml is available.
You must, youth day sings it good company, “generous”, 500ml is available.
Impromptu voice is a freedom to express our feeling, the intoxication of drinking makes you feel very excited, moderate drinking is highly beneficial to health.
The packing materials of “Ji Zui” take recyclable technique, the process of production includes screening, dusting, filtration, purification and so on. The content of technology and craft is high. The function of protection is also better than traditional paper. With the increase of the environmental protection consciousness of people, recycling packaging are more and more popular .

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