Most people have a love/hate relationship with their alarm clock. While an alarm clock is vital in order to get up in the mornings and be able to make it to appointments on time, no-one likes to be awoken from their dreams. The Flip designer alarm clock from DesignWright for Lexon combines the inevitable wake-up call with a pleasant design, thus making the process of waking up a little more enjoyable.

A colourful start to the day

The brightly coloured and cheerful design of the Flip alarm clock makes it a joy for the senses, ensuring that you will love this designer alarm clock. Something that looks this good can be forgiven for waking you up in the mornings! At the same time, the design of Flip is based on a clear form: You won’t find any complicated buttons or anything else to distract from the pure design and function of this simple rectangular alarm clock. The digital display just shows you the current time and the alarm time, with the colourful casing showing just “ON” on one side and “OFF” on the other.

Intuitive use

Instead of complex mechanisms for switching off the alarm, Flip works intuitively: The alarm function is switched on or off by flipping the alarm clock by 180 degrees. The time display turns the right way around when you do this. If the side with “ON” written on it faces upward, then the alarm is active. If the side with “OFF” on it faces upward, then the alarm is switched off. If you want to activate the Snooze function, it is enough to simply touch or stroke Flip gently. The alarm clock’s rubberised surface makes it pleasant to the touch, so that it is a real joy to look at and to hold.

A variety of colours in quality design

The Flip designer alarm clock from DesignWright won the Red Dot Design Award in 2013 for its playfully simple way of marrying innovative functionality with positive and attractive design while at the same time including a surprisingly emotional component.

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