1. This watch is developed aimed at the sports which takes the tennis as a representative, its light texture and high shock resistance breaks the traditional mechanical limitation to wear. Maximize the combination of technical aesthetics and fashion, reflect the precision of mechanical sense of watches and simple fashion of design. 2. Being different from fixing movement of traditional watch , which is changed into the flexible connection to hang innovatively, the C-type nylon block is put between the case and the movement to reach cushion effect to greatly improve shock resistance of watch. It is increased for an ordinary watch that can withstand from 0.5 meters to 1.5 meters of height impact, shock resistance is as 3 times as a common watch. 3. The case adopts the titanium alloy material that is most suitable for sports, lightweight, high strength, and excellently skin-friendly; the front and rear mirrors are the thickened sapphire glasses; the crown is designed at the left of the case to enhance the comfort of wearing watch during the motion; As the natural rubber strap has the good flexibility, it can meet the demand for sports, and it is also easy to clean after exercise.

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