Timeless Clock merges the new and old concept – the unique hidden measurements is vague when the clock is brand new, however as time passes, the brass clock panel gets patina and changes color against the all new measurements. The longer you use the clock, the stronger the contrast. We believe it is the most loyal and romantic remembrance of time passed.

Brass and solid wood are the core of Timeless concept. Brass clock panel is not electroplated and shiny at the beginning. As you spent more time with it, the brass obtains unique patina and your own characteristics, whereas the measurements remain unchanged, new and clear. So the longer you use the clock, the calibration looks more obvious. The clock is semi-finished, we do the design, you and time do the rest.

The clock is designed 30 degree tilted, an angle convenient to glance and ponder upon the panel. Hands are made of customized thick aluminum and silk printed that will stay in its original color all the time, striking a contrast against the clock panel and easier to read time. The second hand is designed in diameter length to balance on both sides. It looks like a time machine when time is ticking.

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