The contemporary wristwatch is an amazing feat of engineering, yet it still relies exclusively on sight. The Bradley was created to resolve the challenge of checking the time for those who are visually impaired. Designed in collaboration with the blind, The Bradley allows you to touch and see to check time. Built of solid titanium, time is indicated by two ball bearings: one indicating minutes (top), and one indicating hours (side). These two ball bearings are connected with magnets to a watch movement beneath the watch face. Even if the ball bearings are displaced when touched, the magnets will move the ball bearings back to the correct time with a gentle shake of the wrist. The Bradley is named after former Navy Officer and Paralympic Gold Medalist, Brad Snyder, who lost his vision from an IED explosion in Afghanistan. At Eone, we strive to create quality, innovative products that can be used regardless of age, gender or ability. We believe strongly in the power of inclusive design and accessibility.

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