Teemo Hero is a smart phone watch for teens, with GPS positioning for safety, talking with their parents, even sharing video with family members.
TEEMO HERO has 4G phone function, it integrate cylindrical sports camera and smart watch together, balances capturing sports activity and shooting video by user, to create a unique new products category.
Teemo Hero camera adopts professional camera surface silicone material, Texture, and red circle lens, those red circle elements only are used in the professional sport camera, those feature show very strong professional photographic equipment sense.
There is great color contrast between fluorescent color shell surface and dark body, to show a colorful and lively characteristic, this style meet older children’s psychological need, they love fashion, sports, are fond of adventures and novelty.
Strap adopts TPSIV two-color molding, to meet special requirement from children, such as safe anti-allergic, surface material stability, comfort , softness, flexibility, durability, play a very good insulation, perspiration role.

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