The flow of time The invention of liquid crystal technology in the 1970s enabled the development of watches with LC displays, allowing the indication of time in a digital format; a giant leap of the way time is displayed. The “SPARC MGS” is a further development of Ventura’s innovative automatic digital watch with a micro generating system that transforms the wrist-movements of its owner into electric energy, replacing the battery entirely. To provide the new SPARC MGS with sufficient energy, the micro generating system had to be redeveloped from scratch, with a larger, heavier oscillating mass. To make the mechanism visible, it was physically separated from and placed sideways to the digital time module, a patented arrangement. The creative solution was to set the time module and the MGS in an angle next to each other, the mechanism being exposed in a sapphire-crystal covered window. This element of design of the “SPARC MGS” interprets the traditional skeletonisation of mechanical luxury watches in a highly modern way. The kink linking the two angled surfaces also serves to embed and protect a movable cylindrical controller, exposing it at the same time so that it can be easily scrolled and pushed. This scroller is a central element to operate the functions of the “SPARC MGS” in a most user-friendly way; the so-called EasySkroll operating system developed and patented by Ventura enables to set and control the time, the 100-years perpetual calendar with day, date, month and year and the many functions of the watch in an entirely intuitive way. The powerful microprocessor inside the manufactured time-module is flash programmable, thus allowing later updating.

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