SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch are designed to be worn 24/7. A comfortable wearable that logs your life, activities and makes your life hands-free. The design is intended to fit to your body and life so you almost forget you have it on.
For SmartBand Talk, E-paper display is easy to read in daylight and will never disturb you at night. We designed the CMF in a black and white body- with either matching black or white bands to be discreet or color contrast bands to be more expressive according to individual preference. The bands are easily removable without tools, so it is easy for the end user to change the band. The subtle pattern on the band surface adds tactility and a sense of detail without being overt.
SmartWatch 3 is designed with a “ Core” that is easy to change the band and the overall look and feel of the watch. The bands are designed to be changed by removing the core. This allows us to change the entire design expression by just changing the band. This is evident on the Classic black and white bands, the sporty pink and lime bands, the metal band and the leather bands that are now available with matching bodies.

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