The Ornament 1 is inspired by architecture and combines design, old crafts of watchmaking and finishing, with modern production techniques.

The case, crown and buckle are 3D printed in stainless steel 316L. The development took two years.
The idea was to use the technology for its opportunity to create new shapes, instead of saving material and production costs. The overall design is classic, but the details show new shapes which we were not able to produce before.
The case is skeletonised and decorated with 3D inscriptions; therefor it is very light, and appealing to the eye.
Al exterior faces are hand finished to create a smooth overall appearance, contrasting with the rough 3D printed internal surfaces, emphasising the story of the production, the actual state of the art, and the handicraft.

The movement is the Swiss ETA 7001 Elaboré, chosen for its reliability and classical aspects, sub-seconds hand and its modest dimensions.

The dial is made out of Ruthenium for its durability and deep dark colour. The indices are at a minimal thickness, to play contrastingly with the 3D printed surfaces.

The hands are micro laser cut out of 316L and hand finished.

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