The greenhouse effect is worsening and natural resources of the earth will soon be exhausted. That is why scientists are working so hard to find a clean and sustainable energy. One of the best options is Fusion Power. Essentially Nuclear fusion power has the same amount of energy as nuclear power, without any of the radioactive contamination issues. Ultimately that is why it is the most practical and sustainable clean energy solution for the future. A nuclear fusion reactor has inspired the ‘NBS’ watch design. Its structure is exceptionally robust and contains many industrial characteristics. Each of these meticulous details represents the solid construction of the nuclear fusion reactor. The cohesive tri-sectional design of the watch (with exposed mechanical elements) has a bold futuristic appearance. Overall the aesthetic of the dial is modeled on the nuclear fusion reactor’s core. As well as being elegant the NBS also symbolizes the dream of securing a clean and sustainable energy for future generations.

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