Craftsmanship and character merge to give life to the Naked Bike project. Inspired by the world of motorcycle, this configurable and custom sport chronograph captures the essential and distinctive elements of naked motorbikes. The designer Fausto Lancini took and reinterpreted every detail of famous classic Italian motorbikes, characterized by a double cradle frame of steel tubes. As in the motorcycle the frame encloses the motor, so in this watch the frame holds the heart of the chronograph that, fixed with two screws to the frame, can be removed and used as a pocket watch or with a collar. The case in titanium titanium resumes the forms and details of naked and coffee racer bikes. The crown, positioned at twelve, has the shape of a piston, the outer bezel represents a pinion of the transmission. The buttons are cylinders and pistons accompanied by o-rings. On the dial, the counters of the continuous seconds and the minutes of the chronograph are enclosed in a white profile similar to the dashboard of the bike, dominated by the name of the designer.

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