The 1947 Museum Dial designed by Nathan George Horwitt is one the most important designs of the 20th century, with no numbers on the dial but for a solitary gold dot at 12 o’clock symbolizing the sun at high noon. The central idea of the Movado Edge evolution was a simple question: how can draw the eye into the watch dial? We explored a new way to craft a watch with numerous form and material experiments that led to a 3-dimensional concave shape. To accommodate for the raised dot, we worked with Movado engineers to elevate the watch hands, creating an additional, delicate dynamic.

The surface of the face is made of sandblasted stainless steel, creating an organic and random texture reminiscent of lava rock, hinting at nature while adding depth to the watch’s dial. Stunning colors like ‘Deep Blue’ accentuate this texture, with detailing like polished steel and rose gold applied to the volcanic dot, and extended to the watch screws. Drawing attention to these delicate features underlines how Edge is a platform for aesthetic and functional experimentation and new directions. This Special Edition watch celebrates those details, with subtleties one can continue to discover over time.

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