Moonlight is not only clock and calendar but also mood light which can be the decoration on the wall. There are three running modes in this product: Clock Mode, Moon Time Mode and Moon Calendar Mode. Clock Mode is a standard display of time which makes time more accurate, but the bright dot which follows the circle running will instead of clock hands. Moon Time Mode is a unique display for showing time by the changing of light and shade. Besides, Moon Calendar Mode will present as the moon changing in a year, which means the user can perceive the Lunar Calendar from the phase of the moon.

The time can be perceived by changing of the moon is a new form product for keeping time, which combines ceramics and electronic technology. It provides a fresh possible application in the ceramics and breaks the limited that utilising the ceramics creates vase, cup or bowl. Besides, this product not only creates the relationship between the moon and time by the unique display but also show the phase of the moon and lunar calendar of one year that means this product adds traditional Chinese culture.

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