For our inaugural design, we have worked with Samuel Wilkinson, whose meticulous approach to both form and function has resulted in a watch that neither compromises on detail nor craftsmanship. Mòltair, meaning ‘cast/mould’ in Gaelic (alluding to the Scottish roots of the company), has a bespoke texture that wraps around the sides and back of the stainless steel case. This visually speaks about the manufacturing process and shows the solidity of the material to set it apart from other watches on the market. On the back, the connection to the single component strap is created by two extruded registrations clamping the organic Swedish leather to the case via a 1mm stainless steel engraved plate and 4 micro screws. This lifts the case allowing it to float above the wrist and produces a smaller area that touches the wrist in order to improve breathability. The crystal has a protective 2mm centre and a wide chamfered edge that blends out to the thin rim of the case. This beautifully warps the geometric hands when viewed from the side.

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