The new NOMOS automatic movement DUW 3001 is only 3.2 millimeters in height—and Minimatik, the watch equipped with it, is correspondingly slender. With its tapered form and flowing lines, this timepiece is perfectly proportioned. And equally well tempered: Details in cyan blue make for cheery accents, giving it a modern face. And of course, they also highlight the innovation within, the motor of the next generation. DUW 3001 not only has fine proportions but also ticks with swing, the much-praised escapement from NOMOS Glashütte. Furthermore, as the small inscription on the white silver-plated dial reveals, Minimatik belongs to the neomatik series—ten automatic watches with entirely new dimensions: elegant and very precise, as well as cosmopolitan, cultivated, and contemporary. Thanks to DUW 3001 these watches are just a touch larger than the corresponding hand-wound versions, but certainly thinner than any other self-winding timepiece produced in series.

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