Lucky 8

With the Lucky 8 of the AVANTGARDE / VINTAGE Collection the Alexander Shorokhoff Manufactory presents a wrist watch with hand-engraved movement, unique design and honouring the Chinese Lucky Number 8. On the outer scale of the black dial the days of month are clearly to be seen. The actual day is marked by a small yellow square, the mechanic of which is facilitated by a ring structure between dial and movement. Emphasised are days 8 and 21 as Lucky Numbers, including the luck at cards as Black Jack for example. Calendar day 31 is depicted as a question mark as it is occurring just seven times a year and so reminding of the adjustment of the date. Other details are the white and yellow hands with luminous paint, an inner scale and the 60 as signet of the AVANTGARDE Collection, ensuring easy reading. Movement cal. 2614 AS, manual wind, crystal back, hand-engraved, finished, visible through the sapphire back. Stainless steel case, crystal front. Ø 43, 5 mm, H 11, 5 mm. Limitation 100.

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