The Lee LEF-M96 camera series feature a groundbreaking innovation in watchmaking, the

adjustment of time and date is performed by simply twisting the ring case, instead of the

usual way of pulling out the crown. This new method is both fun and convenient. There is a

unlock button at the three o’clock point on case side, just lifting it to different levels

and rotating the case ring to adjust time or date.

This breakthrough construction design has applied for patents many countries, its unique

structure draws inspiration from SLR camera which allows changing of focus by turning the

lens. The satisfying feel of precise control over the lens is now brought to time

adjustment function of wristwatches, this novel feature is augmented with the sturdy touch

of metallic case rings and convex glass cover. Drawing on the concept of lens on wrist, the

Lee LEF-M96 series have layouts that resemble a classic camera, complete with the pleasant

texture of genuine leather bands, creating a fascinating watch design which offers extreme

ease in time adjustment and opulent elegance.

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