LaMetric Time tracks time, weather, emails, calendar events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and any other metric needed for your home or business and displays them almost in real-time! LaMetric eliminates the need to check multiple apps or news sites for the information you need. Instead, you receive key information at a glance, all in one place. The interface is easy to use: left and right buttons for navigation between the apps, middle button for taking related actions. The form factor is sized to fit well on a table, shelf, shop-front or a counter. Make your day with fun clock faces, join the community of creators and make your timepiece different. LaMetric IFTTT channel allows to display notifications from lots of services or devices. With LaMetric Developer, you can create apps that allow to track sales figures, KPIs or other metrics. Wake up to your favourite Internet radio station in the mornings. Built-in Bluetooth will help you stream favourite music from services like Spotify, iTunes to LaMetric stereo speakers. Enjoy the visual equalizer! LaMetric shapes key information and pixel art into simplicity. The environment is getting more cheerful and intelligent.

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