The L1 by Lilienthal Berlin combines a focused design, the Berlin lifestyle and quality “Made in Germany” in a single watch. Several details indicate its home and heritage: The stylized break in the case symbolizes the division and the unification of Berlin. The embedded crown seems to break through the case – It represents to the will to overcome borders. The fonts on the dial are the ones used in the street signs of the two parts of Berlin. Elements in “Serenity Blue” are an homage to the “blue hour”, the time between sunset and dusk. And the changeable wristbands, made from vegetable-tanned leather, allow it to reinvent the look within seconds.
The L1 is available in two sizes. And since size is not a question of gender but of style, the smaller model can lend a sophisticated look to a gentleman’s hand, whilst the larger size brings a grand style to the female wrist… and vice-versa.
Because responsibility and a respectful use of resources are second nature to Lilienthal Berlin, all its manufacturers and suppliers are selected on these ideals. Eco friendly materials are used wherever possible. The “Made in Germany” production concept is also based on these standards.

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