JooN3 becomes a lot more innovative and enhanced in the aspects of usage and design.

1. Design and hardware innovation
In consideration of the kids’ safety and friendly-usability, we has adopted a high resolution(320×320) round-typed LCD with touch function-enabled robust gorilla glass.
Also, its upgraded IP-67 dust and water proof level may let kid users play more vividly.
We’ve implemented its location tracking feature enhanced with an additional location measurement using Bluetooth as well as its precedent Wi-Fi, GPS & Cell based location measurement so that the device can measure more accurate location even inside a building.

2. Software innovation
The Android OS(Marshmallow) makes the device’s app. contents richer and more extendable, for examples, it has a chatting app., kids-oriented characters’ games, and activity checker.
Through its smart phone app., parents can also request its real-time location information. And Voice, SOS, and even SMS call can be made.

3. Controlling self-coding toys via BlueTooth
It provides the kids with fun educational materials for the kids to control the self-coding toys. They can control the toys by gestures and virtual joystick.

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