KERBHOLZ represents sustainable watches you can wear on a daily basis, bridging the gap between fashion accessory and design product. The modest style of the products places the spotlight on the material with its appealing texture, high value and natural colouring. The use of natural materials makes each Kerbholz product unique, with no two products alike. We focus on the art of unobtrusive German design in the spirit of Dieter Rams, Otl Aicher and Mies van der Rohe.

The 2017 collection features two all-new models, Hilde and Heinrich, which follow these thoughts more consistently than ever before. They show the essence of the KERBHOLZ brand: More focus on the simplicity and staging of the material. For the first time, we also use marble besides wood as part of the design. The build with multiple components including a metal core ensures high resistance and durability. The slip-through Nato strap is made of genuine leather, light, and functional – just like the design: scaled back, thus special.
As representative for our 2017 collection we would like to submit the Heinrich Walnut Slate Blue watch.

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