Haikara Corp Oy is a Finland based company engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of touch screen operated “Smartwatches for Fashion Lovers” at affordable prices. Our watches are inspired by the upper echelons of the watch world, but offered at very accessible retail price points ranging between €299 – €329, thus to better serve differences in consumer needs, desires and abilities to pay.

The product offering targets to reach out to fashion & style focused young men and women (between 20-45 years of age) that desire a new way of self expression and who understands the value of enhancing their everyday life.

We do NOT position ourselves as a traditional smartwatch. Instead we are between mechanical watches and traditional smartwatches, with a strong focus on fashion & design, ease of use (no complexity) accompanied by a thin & sleek form factor (casing only 9,2mm thick) and a very long battery life (7-10 days).

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