The idea of the design is to imitate an hour hand that its color is changeable. The designer used a moving disc instead of a hand to indicate the hour. While the metal disc goes round and round, the hole of the disc let the colors on the dial shine out. There are different colors at different time on the dial. Thus, the hole is always changing color and it looks like a color-changing hand, making the design uncomplicated and innovative.

We have different mental reaction and emotion seeing different colors. Colors help us recognize and experience feelings and emotions. Red makes us feel passionate and energetic. Yellow lets us feel the warmth. Blue calms us down and let us focus to thinking. Green gives us comfort and sense of security. One can have many different feelings in a single day.

‘Less is more’ is the philosophy that leads our design. We believe that minimal design is the only timeless trend. We think in our customers’ shoes to ensure our products are people-oriented.

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