The Sablier Grand Cru is the first concave face watch in the watch industry. This pioneering design of the lens and the dial has been awarded a U.S. utility patent after passing a stringent test of originality.
The curved crystal lens offers natural glare-free, unobstructed view while the curvature helps to prevent the crystal from being scratched and damaged.
To ensure the high readability, the dial design is simple and elegant and follows the same concave curve of the crystal. The watch case is made of high grade stainless-steel and the high quality leather band is equipped with a user-friendly buckle for intuitive use.
The watch crown has been moved to two O’clock position and the see-through case bottom is completely flat without any sharp edges to ensure the most wearing comfort.
The watch case design is defined by the natural human wrist movement and resembles the wide portion of a wine glass. The cork screw second hand subtly accents the wine glass shape.
Blending fluidity, functionality, and comfort, the automatic Sablier watch is a new genre of timepiece that embodies iconic form and seamless ergonomics.

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