GLOCKER “Glocker”- the new alarm wrist watch by Alexander Shorokhoff presents itself as an artistically, multi-functional beauty. The goal was to combine art and function in an innovative and creative way. The artistically innovation is based on the dial. To facilitate the setting of the alarm, eight sparkling MOP-sectors, from dark blue to light white, are used. These sectors symbolize every 30 minutes of the sunrise, starting from 5:30 am until 9:30 am. With the help of this varicoloured pattern the customer can easily memorize his wake-up time and set a 10 to 12 seconds alarm with the black and white striped alarm hand by using the upper crown. The second technical innovation is based on the thin membrane case back. The hammer of the alarm movement knocks against a hollow pin, which is welded to the membrane case back, causing the sound and vibrations. To increase the volume of the alarm, several test series were necessary. These where done to determine the optimum thickness of the case back, to find the perfect balance between the technical requirements of the watch and the volume of the alarm sound. Worldwide limited to 100 pieces.

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