DWISS M2 is a pioneering timepiece with a completely innovative time reading system. The hours are represented through a disc that runs under the multilayered dial and fulfil the hour’s windows with a colourful continuous rotation disc. We have no hour hand to show the time. We used a simple movement to create a “complication” in the watch, without using expensive techniques to change the movement itself. The minutes and seconds are represented in the classic way with sophisticated hands.  This is a bold eccentric Swiss made timepiece in 316L stainless steel. Composed of 9 parts and 23 screws with a sandwich construction fixed by the side screws and is water resistant to 10 ATM.

We trade directly with our consumers trough a crowdfunding method, making the watch affordable to most people. Giving a product with the right price to the consumer cutting all middle men. Besides having the budget to build it even before start production.

This product needs to be reviewed in hands, since it’s a mechanical watch it only works when rewinded. Please unscrewed the crown and turn it to see how the representation of the hours takes place. Thanks.

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