dokiWatch is the world’s most advanced smartwatch for kids 6 to 12 years’ old. It is the first-ever 3G-enabled smartwatch for kids with one-way video call that also incorporates other communication methods, safety, and fitness tracking functions. A companion Doki app allows parents to communicate with their kids and monitor their use of dokiWatch. Families will be able to stay connected anytime and anywhere with ease.
dokiWatch includes voice call and text messaging functions that facilitates real time communication. It also comes with important safety features such as GPS tracking, which enables parents to know the whereabouts of their children through the Doki app. An AlertArea function allows parents to set virtual geo-fences around designated areas so they will be notified when their child leaves home or school. In the case of an emergency, kids can press the SOS button to trigger an automatic notification and a 60 seconds recording of surrounding sounds to their parents.
The Doki team advocates a healthy lifestyle amongst children which is why we have included a fitness tracking feature in the form of an electronic pet called “dokiPet”. The built-in accelerometer tracks st

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