Wherever the etiquette of business life holds sway some gents’ watches become unsuitable accessories. The Gentleman Automatic series from Swiss watchmaker DAVOSA Watches is different: With its 9.8 mm height and 40 mm diameter, it disappears easily under any cuff. And when its bearer stretches out an arm and the Gentleman Automatic appears, it complements his overall appearance. This is certainly helped by its tastefully balanced design: three straight hands, four satined statement figures and linear indices for the remaining hours, a classically round stainless steel case and a simple yet elegant leather strap with a pin buckle.

With a coloured seconds hand in blue, and colour coordinated calendar discs, this model has been given a sporty twist, which is further underscored by the blue seams of the matching smooth leather straps.

Gentle pressure on an almost invisible telescopic pin releases the strap from the case without the need for an additional tool. This allows the Gentleman Automatic to be adapted to another occasion in a matter of seconds, instead of looking out of place after a change of dress. An additional strap comes with the wristwatch.

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