The Can-Watch-50 is a successor of the Can-Watch that follows the concept of combining the maxims of sustainability with a social mission. While the aluminium soda can of the Can-Watch is treated with careful finish, the originality of the soda can is kept intact in the Can-Watch-50. With different colors and manufacturing dates engraved on individual soda cans, each Can-Watch-50 is no doubt unique. The fascinating color combinations become easily distinguishable and that engages curiosity towards the manufacturer for what the colors stand for. It is produced in simple manufacturing steps via a hand-craftsmanship process. Can-Watch-50 is made by the under privileged people in local NGO workspaces, people who thus get the chance to pursue a meaningful activity. While the CAN-Watch requires advanced polishing skills and experienced craftsmanship, the Can-Watch-50 endeavors to encourage those people manipulating basic machineries that are specifically designed and to gain more experience from this process, which is a crucial factor for them to be confident in handling different tasks. The CAN-Watch-50 solidifies the statement – it is a highly covetable accessory with a social mission.

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