BENU Tourbillon
Case and clasp in white gold with alligator strap
Sweep minutes, off-centre hours and seconds with stop seconds, replacement of the missing minute scale segment from 25 to 35 minutes with a separate scale swept by the extension of the minute hand on the opposite side (patent pending)
Flying three-minute tourbillon with screw-secured driving wheel and V-shaped balance bridge (design patent pending)
Stop seconds at the balance wheel rim with a pivoting fine-hair brush (patent pending)
Newly developed mainspring barrel jewel bearing
Brake ring on the fourth-wheel arbor made of very hard, oily guaiacum
Grossmann winder with pusher to deactivate the handsetting mode and start the movement
Pillar movement with 2/3 plate and frame pillars in untreated German silver
Hand-engraved 2/3 plate and tourbillon cock
Broad horizontal Glashütte ribbing
­3-band snailing on the ratchet wheel
Raised gold chatons with pan-head screws
White sapphire bearing jewels
Separately removable clutch winder
Manually crafted steel hands, annealed to brown-violet
Case dimensions: Diameter: 44.5 mm, height: 13.8 mm

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