Introducing AVL:TACS stands for Taste, Attractiveness, Creativity and Style. Designed by Yoshiaki Motegi and inspired by Japanese Zen philosophy, the Automatic Vintage Lens incorporates the look and feel of a camera with the sleekness and sophistication of a Japanese design. Bringing his appreciation for his everyday surroundings into the design, Yoshiaki Motegi brings us a design that will be great for watch collectors and photographers.
Sapphire Crystal Case Cover: The watch face is designed to mimic the look of an actual camera lens.
Skeleton Design: Made with a skeleton design, the open-worked dial gives you a view into the complex inner workings of the movement inside.
Bezel Ring: The focus ring inspired Bezel gives our watch the feel of a real camera lens.
Genuine Leather Strap: With genuine leather straps manufactured by Horween in Chicago, the same company that makes basketballs for the NBA.

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