Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, GO WATCH is rated IP67 with a robust design to appeal to young, active consumers. GO WATCH is the perfect companion for GO PLAY and it is Android and IOS compatible. Users can use the watch to control their smartphones and to receive SNS, SMS, email, call and weather notifications. GO WATCH offers users a unique experience by allowing them to share their emotions. Pressing the GO button triggers an emotional pulse measurement and an emotion graphic is created based on the input from the heart rate sensor, steps and frequency of user check. Users may then select an emotion icon and theme that matches their mood, which can be instantly shared on social networks or used as the watch’s wallpaper. GO WATCH is 100% customizable with a changeable front casing and wristband to match the day’s outfit. The long-lasting battery allows 2-5 days’ usage. And GO WATCH requires just a standard micro USB charger that plugs in the rear of the watch for quick and easy charging.

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