The AIKON Chronograph 44mm offers superb wrist presence, exhibiting a strong character and confident persona. Similar to other AIKON watches, this timepiece provides excellent legibility and, courtesy of its thoughtful case design, delivers exceptional wearer comfort. This is a watch equipped with a convenient stop-watch complication, proving ideal for measuring elapsed periods of time when vital seconds matter. However, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm is equally suited to evening attire, when the pace is more relaxed and a handsome, reliable timepiece is the perfect horological partner for a night out. Available with a choice of silver, black or cool blue dials, the AIKON Chronograph 44mm harnesses the greatness of an iconic watch from the past whilst delivering a new look for the future. Maurice Lacroix has created a timepiece that encapsulates Swiss watchmaking savoir faire and the company’s exceptional design expertise. This timepiece delivers superb value, standing out from the crowd with its unique and admirable array of qualities. It is the perfect watch for the successful professional. Embrace the AIKON, exhibit your own style. Your time is now. Be your own icon.

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