Wishbone, is a conceptual, separable silver ring representing a contemporary expression of ‘my lucky break’ derives from the tradition of “Breaking the Wishbone”. Once an ancient Roman tradition, a wish is granted to the person with the largest piece. Give this silver wishbone ring to a friend or a lover as a gesture of hope and well wishes. Make a wish and pull the silver pieces apart.

The ring is designed with a 925-carat silver ring plated with gold. As Newton’s Third Law of Motion the laser stuck ring can be separated by breaking the tiny joint without leaving any marks on. When you give someone wishbone rings, you are not only showing them how much your love them but you are also giving them a lucky charm to wear every day.

What makes it even more special is, it creates a feeling of the ring representing strength and long-lasting luck which will carry into the future. Not only is it seen as a personal or romantic gesture between the giver and the wearer, the wishbone ring also symbolizes luck so it can be given as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and also can be used as wedding rings.

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