The Touch ring from EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876

A new ring in seconds. Simply press the invisible button inside the ring to change the centerpiece in one move – go from a little emerald to a big moonstone or a very big vermarine. You can even slip in small picture frames.

The patented button is connected to a steel spring which releases or locks in the inserts.

The Charlotte principle of interchangeable jewelry was developed 24 years ago by EHINGER SCHWARZ 1876.
It was the first on the market. The new Touch ring builds on this principle and is compatible with all Charlotte elements of which there are currently around 1,000 different examples.

The groundbreaking development here is that the insert can genuinely be changed in seconds. It’s extremely easy to do with no additional aids (pincers or spring pin). This new technology means that we are now even able to completely integrate precious stones into the ring.

The Touch ring will be with you throughout the day, a new ring for every appointment and every occasion – the right outfit every time. The shape has also been completely revised. It resembles a pebble from the ocean – smaller and flatter on the bottom, wider and hig

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