1. Target Group Descriptions(Who)
Sports fans, living in large and medium-sized cities with above-average level incomes,
focusing on life quality and health,
and seeking for faddish things and lifestyles,
with decent consumption desires and wills to try new consumption methods.
2. Product Features(What)
Reminding function. It can remind incoming calls, messages, and schedules, etc. of the matched handset so that users can ignore unimportant information and avoid the disturbance to daily life and work from exceeding messages.
Anti-loss function. When the handset and bracelet are separated from each other for a certain distance, it will alarm and vibrate till you put the enter button or they are brought back within the set distance again.
Observing function. It will observe speed, mileage, time-consuming, calories burned, and target completion data during the sport, and become a sport assistant.
Interactive functions. Information interact with the merchants as an electronic membership card.
3. Product Value(Why)
Help to focus on sports while not missing import messages.
Make sports more clear, fulfilled and well-organized.
Experience faddish and convenient life style and consumption methods.
4. Typical Usage Scenes (When & Where)
When a message or a call comes in, users can feel it through the vibration of the bracelet so that they will focus the current sports plan and items without missing important information.
Anti-loss function:When the handset or bracelet are left accidentally, it will alarm and vibrate if the distance exceeds the set value and will not stop until you put the enter button or the distance goes back to below set value.
Consumption:Before paying in the shop, users can contact the information device at the cashier with the bracelet, which will identify the membership level and status or sign in as a new member.
5. Usage Methods(How)
Download, install APP, and conduct BLE match with the smart bracelet.
Set in APP reminding functions needed to be opened.
Create sports plans with the buttons on the bracelet.
Check detailed information and statistics of sports data.
When using membership card functions, users need to contact the merchant devices with the bracelet to make sure the NFC components are activated.
6. Design Highlights
Outstanding Characters
Unique NFC components; membership card function available.
Removable hard shells; multiple color options available.

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