Opening and closing clasps is frequently difficult without assistance. The focus is coming up with solutions that meet the demands of ease of use as well as security in a single clasp. Our vision is to develop a clasp that is playful in its handling, comfortable to wear and stays securely closed to prevent accidental loss. slide offers the benefits of closing and opening easily, maximum security, pleasant tactile properties, extremely versatility, it is Made in Germany and it has optimum threading characteristics. How to open: Using two fingers, simply push the two halves against each other and they slide open. To close both sides find the right way to come together nearly by themselves. The ingenious design, is supported by two magnets simultaneously, ensures that 2 kg of weight are held firmly in place, even under test conditions. Slide is the perfect solution for a variety of applications as bracelets, chains and necklaces and as extension that combines two chains. This clasp works well with gold and silver chains, cultured pearls, stone chains and leather and rubber straps. Slide you get in different gold alloys as , 375/-, 585/- und 750/- but also in silver 925/-.

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