Paper notes from precious moments in life, many times we wish to keep forever but easy to deteriorate and loss; Also inspired by the chaotic beauty and futility of crumpled scrap paper and fascinated by the idea of recreating its materiality and formality with precious metal, the Skræp design records the exploration of creating a digital force model to stimulate the chaotic hand force interacting with paper. Each outcome is unique and unpredictable, thus creating a sense of mysterious. By fusing with 3D printing and traditional jewelry making techniques, perfection is reached in generating the structural inside and surfaces, the soft and hard creases, and pushing to the limits of minimal thickness and size by 3D printing metal. The pendant is a primitive form of crumpled paper with sublime folds and seams that offers a ubiquitous light catching quality in all scenes. The cuff, in addition, offers flexibility and a sensuous concave to makes it one with the body. The use of precious metal creates a contrast between futility of scrap paper and luxury, thus giving a proud new identity with an intimation of uselessness, and the jewelry perpetuates a transient moment of life.

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