RE-LEGION is a series of 3 pendants – cross, star of david and hamsa.
made of gold or sterling silver, these pendants are designed to simply hang on the chain itself, dynamic and free of any mediator, as a personal and sentimental declaration.

The sacred shape of the symbol dictates its minimalist design, while its functionality dictates the treatment of the metal. all combined to reflect, in an honest way, the relations between an individual to his god and to his group

The front and rear of the pendant shape are smoothed and high polished to prevent unwanted friction between the pendant to the chain, while its inner and outer walls carry the marks of the production process; the inner wall present the industrial and mass process by the casting parting line and the outer wall present the hand modeling process by the scratches and the filling marks.

This design literally loosens the stiffness involves with religion, but preserves a modest conservative look as well, to create a fresh looking piece of jewelry for a dynamic group of believers.

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