The logical dilation of the square into the third dimension is the cube. Based on the kinked jewelry series Quadrat² the new Bracelet Q’Bangle ruptures this expectable logic: Here, the quadratic base element is transformed into an oval object. As such. an exciting piece of jewelry results out of the contradiction between strict orthogonal lines and soft curving, which gently caresses the wrist. Reflections make every single square appear and shine in slightly different shades and make the architectural structure surprisingly vivid. The elasticity of the subtle square-raster keeps the bangle without any closure safely in position and maintains the essence of the reduced design. Q’Bangle is laser-cut out of 0.8mm thick stainless steel. Yellow- or Rose- gold-plated it shimmers in sophisticated tones of gold. There is a broad (35mm) as well as a slim (20mm) version in three sizes (S, M and L) available.

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