Love is an artful relationship. I love you so much, and love needs genuine understanding and cute ingenuity.

The works use “S silver hook” and “heart-shaped loop buckle” constitute the ingenious clasp, the design comes from Chinese ancestor’s wisdom, Luban Lock Puzzle and Nine Rings. Traditional clasp’s easy fallen-off failure and difficult part replacement problems are improved. Just like human being’s interpersonal relationship, our close connection is not because of importunate connection but because of mutual understanding and attentive attitude. The procedure is an interesting game, this type of love is so Q.

The silver hook has quality feel. This brightly white, curvy S-shaped silver material symbolizes our attempts to circumambulate and seduce. Heart-shaped loops also make up a cute “Q”, rich in meaning. By cooperating with the silver hook, it also becomes a handy plaything, making it a heaven made match.

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