A box is coated in a matt black paper and wrapped in a silver shining sleeve – it is then hand tied with firm linen cord. Made by the renowned fine paper manufacturer, Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund, the premium quality card sleeve provides a crisp, elegant finish. We have simplified the classic Japanese envelope closure and made it an integral part of the design. The linen cord has been knotted and passed through the centre of the closure, which is fixed to the sleeve. To hold the elements together, simply wrap the cord around the box and sleeve and tighten around the closure. The beauty of the box is in the choreography of the opening. With one gesture the cord is unthreaded from its closure and passes around the box and sleeve to release the lid of the box. The box naturally and ceremoniously opens to reveal the treasure inside. Jewellery is a symbol of union. Our new design “Pure” is a perfect expression of this idea.

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